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Sonoma County Wildlife website update

Since the summer launch of, the website I co-created, we’ve been busy writing about crickets, stars, beavers, porcupines, watershed clean-ups, and newts, with more posts on the way! It has been really great to create a central place for Sonoma County wildlife issues and education.

What’s next for the site? We are currently on the look-out for people interested in contributing and are working on some social media efforts to further our outreach capabilities. We hope to widen the community involvement in the coming year! If you want to get involved, please contact us – see the About page on the site.

Sonoma County Wildlife website launch!



I am really excited about the launch of a new website that I co-created!

The idea of the website was to create a central place for the Sonoma County community to share knowledge about our wildlife neighbors. We hope to connect county residents to the landscape around them, educate about the wildlife that coexists with them, offer opportunities to get involved in wildlife projects, and inform about local wildlife conservation issues.

I will be writing and editing for the site and hope that it will be a useful tool for the people of Sonoma County. Please go and check it out at!

Science behind beaver fur boycott?

American_Beaver,_tree_cuttingAn American Beaver working hard to fell a tree

This question was posed to me recently by a Guru magazine reader as part of Ask-a-Guru.

It was originally stated like this: “Is there a scientific reason for boycotting ALL beaver skin products?”

The question was interesting to me because it’s not asking for an opinion – it’s not asking whether I not I think it’s “right” or “good” to use beaver fur. It simply asked whether there was a scientific basis for boycotting it all.

I therefore endeavored  to answer this question with no bias, and only facts. I know using fur products can be an emotionally charged topic for some! So, what did I find out? Check out my  answer on Guru’s website, here.

Also, you can check out Guru’s twitter feed to see the original question.

Photo from wikimedia commons.

Six sentences

What can you say in six sentences? That’s the creative challenge on I recently added my own six sentence submission to the 6S social network site (separate from the blog) and found it to be really fun! A wonderful community of people will leave encouraging and supportive comments on your submissions and you can in turn read many fascinating ways to turn six sentences into compelling stories. Find me here, become my friend and add a six-sentence-submission yourself!