IMG_1839My first writing goal was to be published before I was 10. At the time, this seemed like just the right age in which someone ought to be published, and I secretly stayed up late diligently working on what I believed was my soon-to-be national bestseller, “Fred the Fly,” an epic tale of adventure and inevitable disaster (flies only live so long after all).  I was disappointed when, ultimately, the publisher kindly declined my story that I had carefully handwritten on lined paper.


Now, with slightly more technology, and many more years of life experience, I continue to write. And, although my work is less about adventurous insects these days, that original dedication and inspiration I felt all those years ago is still with me.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI hold both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Biology and have worked for over ten years as a conservation biologist/ecologist. For me, beauty, purpose and spirituality are all intricately entwined with nature. I have always been writing, whether authoring scientific research articles, blogging, or jotting down details incessantly in journals while traveling abroad. I have also contributed to magazines, such as Bay Nature, Gripped, Guru, and Florida Wildlife. For a list of my publications, please visit my publication page.

Send me a note at autumn@autumnsartain.com.


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