Sleep deprivation, hawksbills that like variety, and green sea turtles hanging out together

Three new publications out!

First, Guru Magazine has published my article, “Light Sleepers: Why you need to get your sleep, and your light,” about something on my mind a lot during the first year with my new daughter: sleep deprivation. I go over why it’s so important to get those Zzzs (unless of course you LIKE hallucinating and walking into walls, in which case, don’t bother with this article).

The next two were articles published in scientific journals.  “Habitat selection by green turtles in a spatially heterogeneous benthic landscape in Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida” was published in Aquatic Biology. This one is interesting because it mixes two telemetry methods: satellite tracking and acoustic receivers. With these methods, we look at what areas turtles prefer and get clues as to whether turtles spent time with (or avoided) each other. Acoustic data in particular can be tricky to work with, and this paper offers up some ways of working with it.

Hawksbill satellite-tracking case study: implications for remigration interval and population estimates” was published in Marine Turtle Newsletter. I am extra excited about this one because I was first author. In this paper, we talk about Shuli, a hawksbill turtle tagged in the US Virgin Islands . After nesting there, she migrated all the way to the Bahamas before returning to nest again. What was interesting about Shuli was that she nested on a different beach upon her return. In the paper, we talk about how this has implications on counting turtles to get population sizes and also on our understanding of how often individuals nest.

Read one, read all. Learn a little about yourself, learn a little about the natural world.

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