Science behind beaver fur boycott?

American_Beaver,_tree_cuttingAn American Beaver working hard to fell a tree

This question was posed to me recently by a Guru magazine reader as part of Ask-a-Guru.

It was originally stated like this: “Is there a scientific reason for boycotting ALL beaver skin products?”

The question was interesting to me because it’s not asking for an opinion – it’s not asking whether I not I think it’s “right” or “good” to use beaver fur. It simply asked whether there was a scientific basis for boycotting it all.

I therefore endeavored  to answer this question with no bias, and only facts. I know using fur products can be an emotionally charged topic for some! So, what did I find out? Check out my  answer on Guru’s website, here.

Also, you can check out Guru’s twitter feed to see the original question.

Photo from wikimedia commons.

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