Creativity soaked in winter

view2Rain is perfect for writing.

Ok, I would have loved sunny days and the chance to hike around Point Reyes National Seashore, but the rain was there, and it was beautiful too.

I headed out to this amazing coastline for a weekend of writing. Sarah Rabkin hosted a writing retreat at the Clem Miller Environmental Education Center called “Writing on Fertile Ground.” It was fertile indeed as the much-needed rain didn’t stop giving to the soil all weekend.

The retreat was just lovely. I met many other writers ranging from the very experienced to those who only kept journals. Together, we had a peaceful weekend getting to know each other and exploring different prompts to promote creativity. We shared our writing by reading to the class – something that became a nice experience over time.

So, I am going to share with you a little poem that I wrote based on one of the prompts. While I don’t consider myself a poet, I did enjoy exploring this art form.

Large-eyed bird with talons

Come out of your tree

You have little mice to eat

And carry back to your young

The mice run, your ears follow them

Pellets of fur and bone used up and lying below the nest

Fly with silent wings

And fluff your white feathers

Your beautiful white feathers lined with cinnamon

Your young beg with open gapes

Come out of your tree

Find the stream, the river

Send your raspy screech into the darkness

Bring back the head of a mouse or gopher

Shake off the dust of bark

Use your predatory eyes in heart-shaped face

And preen your feathers down with flesh-cutting bill

Fly straight to your prey

And soar through moonlight with life in your grasp

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