Three exciting posts all mixed into one

This post is exciting for me for three reasons:

1. The Birds of Africa Vol 8 – The Malagasy Region is finally out!

I started helping out on this book in 2008, so I’m super thrilled to finally see it in print. I am first author on herons and co-author on many other species. I haven’t actually seen it in person yet since I’m on the road, but I can’t wait to flip through all the beautiful pages.  (If you would like to purchase a copy, they are available here on Amazon.)


2. My article, Feathers and Muddy Boots: Saving Madagascar’s Birdlife from Extinction is available at

I interviewed the editors of the aforementioned book about their research and time spent in Madagascar and the surrounding islands (collectively known as the Malagasy region). The article discusses the birdlife there and cultural interests such as eating bugs (yum!).  It just came out August 1st in Guru Magazine ( Check out this freely available magazine here.


3. If that wasn’t awesome enough, my article made the cover of Guru. They picked a beautiful cover photo inspired by the birds:


A great way to welcome August. I’ve also heard that my article on the author of the Skaha Bluffs rock climbing guidebook, Howie Richardson, will be out in Gripped Magazine this winter, but more on that later!


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