Malagasy Birds – book published soon!

I recently received word that the guidebook to birds in the Malagasy region (that is, roughly Madagascar and surrounding islands) is in press! It should be published in July of this year.

The book includes accounts of 487 different bird species, and I am one of 60 authors of the various accounts. It will be Volume 8 of the famous Birds of Africa series which is really exciting (you can see the reprint of Volumes 1-7 here:  The Malagasy volume will have 1,024 pages, making it considerably larger than any of the other volumes.

I spent almost a year at Conservation International helping work on this book back in 2009, and I am very excited that it is finally at this stage of publication. I can’t wait to see it in print!

Citation for the book:  Safford, R. J. and Hawkins, A. F. A. (eds) 2013. The Birds of Africa. Volume VIII: The Malagasy Region. London: Christopher Helm.

One thought on “Malagasy Birds – book published soon!


    Fantastic news! Congratulations!
    Can’t say it enough how proud we are of you both and love you dearly.


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